PS Patria
PS Patria
ex-PS MV Milano


Lake Como - Paddle Steamer Summary
1 Operational Paddle Steamers
(see Fleet Lists)
In service
Laid-up for the winter
 PS Patria  re-launched in 2013 and operated evening "Party Cruises" in 2014
In dock
  PS Concordia  undertaking a major re-build (currently in dry dock and not expected to return to service before 2015)
(see map)
1.   (PS Concordia)  Como - Torno - Menaggio - Bellano - Colico  $
    (also cruises from and short workings between these points)
    $ - will be covered by a motor vessel throughout 2015
2.   (PS Patria)   Special cruises (mainly from Como)
Paddle Steamer Sailings
(see Timetable Index)
Based on January 2015 to December 2015
(with information updated where possible)
January to
  no paddle steamers in service
April to
  no paddle steamers advertised in service
  note the NLC's publicity, despite their only paddle steamer being "in dock" !
June to
early October
Daily  including Sundays
  no paddle steamers in timetabled service

evening "Party Cruises"
PS Partia is expected to again operate a series of cruises between June and September from both Como and Colico

Daily  including Sundays
The delightful 100+ year old vintage ex-paddle steamer mv Milano is usually rostered to operate.....
      1) Menaggio (dep 0815) - Colico
      2) Colico (dep 0928) - Como
      3) Como (dep 1530) - Colico
      4) Colico (dep 1931) - Bellagio
    confirm locally as she sometimes also operates private charter sailings or covers for one of the larger motor ships
mid-October to
  no paddle steamers in service
PLEASE check with the operators nearer the time, as it is often necessary to make late changes,   especially to the vessel operating a particular sailing
Note: Additional sailings are operated throughout the year by motor vessels
PLEASE e-mail me with details if YOU become aware of any
Fleet disposition PS Patria is normally stabled at Como (Villa Olmo pier)
PS Concordia is at Tavernola dry dock, near Como
ex-PS mv Milano is usually out-based at one of the mid-lake piers for the summer and normally sails from there to Como and back via Colico

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