Translation of an article in the
Tribune de Geneve dated 29th May 2002

off Geneva - May 29, 2002

This morning, the school of the "Geneva Fire Service" (help and Fire protection organization) carried out its last large scale exercise of the year (the school finishes Thursday 30th May) by simulating a fire on board MPV Vevey. This boat of the CGN, is 66 meters long and is propelled by paddle wheels. It can carry 750 passengers. In charge, a recently appointed Captain, Robert Charrue, whose birthday it is today.

Lieutenant Richard Hoffmann (of the "Geneva Fire Service") tells the course of the exercise which proceeded with broad of Belotte in the presence of the director of the CGN, Luc-Antoine Baehni.

   "At 0803, the office of the CGN receives a call sigifiant to him that there is a fire on board MPV Vevey
   By 0804, the alarm is given to the "Geneva Fire Service". Immediately, a score of men, including five instructors, go on the spot. They are supported by five plungers of the "Geneva Fire Service" and the "Geneva Police Force". The latter also counts plungers in its operating team.
   The police force of navigation, continues Richard Hoffmann, load a motor-driven pump on board the one of her high-speed motorboats and goes, with firemen, on the spot of the intervention. By 0822, the high-speed motorboat was attached to the MPV Vevey. The firemen then intervened with two lances."

At same time, the helicopter of civil Safety winches a second motor-driven pump with the Square Tower and demounting directly on the bridge of the MPV Vevey.

By 1010, the exercise is finished.

In total, the operation mobilized forty men.

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