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There are no regular timetabled services by paddle steamer to any Swiss piers
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Advance information - Summer 2017

    Some sailings fill up quite early
    You are advised to pre-book, to be sure of a place - however it is usually possible to book on the day, but only is there is still space available
    BEWARE - some Swiss sailings for 2016 were already "full" by the end of January

Mondays to Fridays - 2nd January to 29th December 2017
    Easter Monday - 17th April 2017  (morning jazz cruise)  (from Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)
    Friday - 23rd June 2017  (afternoon and evening dinner cruise)  (from Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)
    Tuesday - 1st August 2017  (cruises from Rorschach, Romanshorn and Arbon)

Saturdays - 7th January to 30th December 2017
    Saturday - 3rd June 2017  (evening jazz cruise)  (from Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)
    Saturday - 2nd September 2017  (cruises from Altnau and Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)

Sundays - 1st January to 31st December 2017
    Easter Sunday - 16th April 2017  (evening dinner cruise)  (from Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)
    Sunday - 4th June 2017  (morning and afternoon international cruises)  (from Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)
    Sunday - 23rd July 2017  (evening festival cruise)  (from Rorschach)
    Sunday - 6th August 2017  (morning jazz and evening festival cruise)  (from Rorschach)
    Sunday - 3rd September 2017  (morning jazz and afternoon cruises)  (from Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)

Mondays to Fridays
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All dates

All dates

Archive Timetables

Are you aware of any other paddle steamer sailings (Public or Charter) that have visited any Swiss piers at any time........ or any proposed future sailings ?
If so, please e-mail me with the details
I will gladly add your name to my Acknowledgements Page
- you can of course remain anonymous if you prefer

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