Lake Konstanz - Paddle Steamer Summary
1 Paddle Steamer
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PS Hohentwiel
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Occasional  "Three-hour non-landing Jazz or Dinner cruises" also "International cruises" across the lake from
Arbon or Kreuzlingen or Romanshorn or Rorschach calling at one of the German Ports
also from Konstanz which is just a 3 minute train connection "across the Swiss border" from Kreuzlingen

Paddle Steamer Sailings
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Based on January 2015 to December 2015
(with information updated where possible)
There are NO regular timetabled sailings by paddle steamer to or from Swiss piers
late-April to
  no paddle steamers in regular sailings to/from Swiss piers

However PS Hohentwiel is planned to make a limited number of special public visits to
Swiss Piers during the Summer of 2015 on the following dates.....

Sunday - 26th April 2015  (morning dinner cruise)  (from Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)
Saturday - 16th May 2015  (evening dinner cruise)  (from Rorschach)
Saturday - 23rd May 2015  (evening jazz cruise)  (from Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)
Sunday - 31st May 2015  (morning, afternoon and evening cruises)  (from Rorschach)
Sunday - 7th June 2015  (morning and afternoon cruises)  (from Altnau)
Sunday - 5th July 2015  (evening jazz cruise)  (from Romanshorn )
Sunday - 30th August 2015  (evening jazz cruise)  (from Arbon )
Saturday - 26th September 2015  (evening dinner cruise)  (from Kreuzlingen/Konstanz)

If you spot any errors or are aware of any other Swiss sailings during this period
please email me

late-August to
  no paddle steamers in service
January to April
  no paddle steamers in service
PLEASE check with the operator nearer the time, as it is often necessary to make late changes,   especially to the vessel operating a particular sailing
Note: Additional sailings are operated on Lake Konstanz by other operators throughout the year using motor vessels and car ferries
Fleet disposition The paddle steamer normally berths overnight in Germany
(or Austria - mid-July to mid-August during the Bregenz Festival)

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