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Advance information - Summer 2021

bold dates   - one or more paddle steamers planned to be in service
light dates     - no paddle steamers planned to be in public service
lilac dates   - "expected" sailings by paddle steamers awaiting formal confirmation
The four operational "Paddle Steamers will again operate the usual selection of  'tourist' timetabled and special sailings as shown in the 'basic' timetables below
(PS Stadt Luzern will not be in service during 2020 as she is undretaking
a two-year major re-build
Day to day variations are always possible and details will be shown,
BUT ONLY IF I have been made aware of them
Please e-mail me if you know of any changes - so this website can be
updated for the benefit of other visitors to it

Where known, these changes are summarised as 'additional sailings'
or 'replaced by another paddle steamer' or a 'motor vessel'
on separate dated timetables
see note at bottom of each individual timetable page for more details

Mondays to Fridays - 19th October to 31st December 2020
     Fridays - 20th November to 18th December 2020  (PS Uri - evening fondue cruise) 
     Thursday - 24th December 2020  (PS Uri - Christmas Eve gala dinner cruise) 

     Christmas Day Friday - 25th December 2020  (PS Uri - lunch cruise) 
     Tuesday - 29th December 2020  (PS Uri - evening fondue cruise) 
     Thursday - 31st December 2020  (PS Uri - New Year's Eve gala dinner cruise)  

Saturdays - 24th October to 26th December 2020

     Saturday - 7th November 2020  (PS Uri - evening candlelight dinner cruise) 
     Saturdays - 21st November to 19th December 2020  (PS Uri - evening Raclette cruise) 
     Boxing Day Saturday - 26th December 2020  (PS Uri - lunch cruise) 

Sundays - 25th October to 27th December 2020
     Sunday - 27th December 2020  (PS Uri - lunch cruise) 

 Owing to the reduction in the number of passengers during
summer 2020
 (due to the Coronaviris precautions) .......... the 2021
Summer season will not start until 1st May in 2021
 PS Schiller will NOT operate in 2021
 (as a post-coronavirus economy measure) 

Mondays to Fridays - 1st January to 30th April 2021
All other dates

Saturdays - 2nd January to 24th April 2021
All other dates
    Saturday - 1st May 2021  (PS Stadt Luzern - "return to service Parade")

Sundays - 3rd January to 25th April 2021
All other dates

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