PS Concordia

N L C     'end of season' 2006
Photo Feature

PS Concordia  (Lake Como)
photos:  Riccardo Suzzi        
As the 'end of the season' approaches - the nights begin to draw in
The paddle steamer is seen at Como on Sunday 3rd September
PS Concordia  (Lake Como)

photos:  Richard Chaplin        
The paddle steamer is seen at Tremezzo on Sunday 17th September
(22nd to 24th September 2006)
PS Patria  (Lake Como)

photos:  Daniel Eichenberger      
The paddle steamer languishes at Dervio dock, near Como
moored next to the new mv Orione
On Sunday 10th September PS Patria was waiting to be towed to the
"Centobarche" exhibition at Como between 22nd and 24th September

PS Patria  (Lake Como)
photo:  Daniel Eichenberger        
Sadly, this was cancelled at the last minute
so the paddle steamer remained at Dervio Dock throughout the Centobarche weekend
- it is hoped work will start on her restoration next year

PS Concordia  (Lake Como)
photo:  Daniel Eichenberger        
At least the last operational paddle steamer was in service
and is seen leaving Como at the end of her day's sailing on Sunday 24th September

PS Concordia  (Lake Como)
The final day in public service was Sunday 1st October
and the paddle steamer is seen approaching Bellano on her last sailing of 2006
returning to Como for the winter

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