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Years 2023 and 2024 Timetables
The sailings on Lake Como are operated by the same group
as on the Swiss/Italian Lake Maggiore
Lake Como is just two miles from the Swiss border and
the town of Como is on the international Zurich/Luzern to Milan railway line
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Advance information - Summer 2023

bold dates   - the paddle steamer is planned/expected to be in service
light dates     - no paddle steamer planned to be in service
lilac dates   - "expected" sailings by a paddle steamers awaiting formal confirmation
                        (always subject to no private charter)

    The sole NLC operational paddle steamer usually operates timetabled/special sailings from Como to Bellagio on Sundays throughout the summer as well as limited peak-weekdays
    The second previously independently preserved paddle steamer has become part of the NLC operation fleet following a partial re-build
    It is understood further work is still required before she can enter regular public service although she had operated several apecial sailings all round the lake during late 2013 under private ownership
    In addition the 100+ year old ex-paddle steamer mv Milano
is expected to again sail most days from Colico (at the head of the lake) to Como and return throughout the main summer season
Well worth a sail rather than on a modern motor vessel if you cannot fit in with one of the 'special' paddle steamer sailings !!!
Can you confirm any other date she did acutally operate in 2021
(or in any previous years) besides those limited dates already shown on this website ?

    So far there have been very few reported summer sightings (except on Sundays),  but it is quite possible the paddle steamer has operated timetabled sailings vice a motor vessel on a non-advertised basis - expecially considering the number of breakdowns !
    Please e-mail me if you have any further information - especially if you can support it with a photo and details.........

Mondays to Fridays - 3rd April to 9th June 2023
Mondays to Fridays - 12th June to 29th December 2023
    Tuesday - 15th August 2023  (0915 Como-Menaggio)

Saturdays - 7th January to 30th December 2023
    Saturday - 1st July 2023  (1200 Como-Bellano)

Sundays - 11th June to 31st December 2023
    Sunday - 18th June 2023  (0915 Como-Menaggio)
    Sundays - 2nd July to 20th August 2023  (0915 Como-Menaggio)
    Sunday - 27th August 2023  (replaced by a motor vessel)
    Sunday - 3rd September 2023  (1045 Como-Bellagio-Lecco)
    Sundays - 10th and 17th September 2023  (0915 Como-Menaggio)
    Sunday - 24th September 2023  (1045 Como-Bellagio-Lecco)
    Sunday - 1st October 2023  (1045 Como-Bellagio-Lecco)  

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All dates

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