PS Concordia PS Concordia
PS Concordia
approaching Bellagio            departing Cadenabbia

N L C    Spring Timetable
Friday 1st May 2009
May Day
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  PS Concordia  
sailing number 14 sailing number
Como 10:30 Como
Tavernola 10:38 Tavernola
Cernobbio 10:41 Cernobbio
Moltrasio 10:52 Moltrasio
Argegno 11:28 Argegno
Isola Comacina 11:42 Isola Comacina
Lenno 11:54 Lenno
Tremezzo 12:04 Tremezzo
Villa Carlotta 12:07 Villa Carlotta
Bellagio 12:20 Bellagio
Menaggio 12:35 Menaggio
Varenna 12:47 Varenna
Bellano 13:02 Bellano
Gravedona 13:37 Gravedona
Domaso 13:45 Domaso
Piona 13:58 Piona
Colico 14:10 Colico
next sailing 235 next sailing
  PS Concordia  

  PS Concordia  
sailing number 235 sailing number
Colico 14:20 Colico
Piona 14:33 Piona
Bellano 15:05 Bellano
Varenna 15:19 Varenna
Menaggio 15:32 Menaggio
Bellagio 15:50 Bellagio
Cadenabbia 15:57 Cadenabbia
Villa Carlotta 16:00 Villa Carlotta
Tremezzo 16:05 Tremezzo
Lenno 16:16 Lenno
Isola Comacina 16:28 Isola Comacina
Argegno 16:44 Argegno
Moltrasio 17:18 Moltrasio
Cernobbio 17:30 Cernobbio
Tavernola 17:35 Tavernola
Como 17:45 Como
next sailing - next sailing
  PS Concordia  
This timetable shows the paddle steamers normally
planned to operate the sailings,
but steamer rosters are liable to alteration on a day by day basis

Alterations for Friday 1st May
   PS Concordia operates sailings 14-235 vice mv Orione (private charter)

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