PS Concordia

N L C    Summer Timetable
Advance Information - Summer 2024

PS Concordia is planned to return to service at Easter 2023 and operate both special and timetabled salings throughout the season
- similar to 2023

In addition,  it is expected the 120 year old ex-PS  mv Milano was expected to be back in service,  but the major overhaul has again been deferred- whilst no longer having any side paddles,  she still does retain her paddle boxes and maintains all her former 'Belle Epoque' appearance and is a welcome change from the more modern motor vessels

If you have any further information about any sailings the paddle steamer actually operates,  please e-mail me
with the details as most of these will be simply replacing a
motor vessel on a NON-ADVERTISED basis
- often at very short notice

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