SS Bisbino

Lake Como

  photo: Marcello Baldrati
Date entered service -- 1907
Builder -- Escher, Wyss at Zurich, Switzerland
Length -- 35.35m  (originally 32.00m)
Breadth -- 5.50m
Passenger capacity -- originally 400
1997           Finally moved again to Tremezzo for further use as a static restaurant
Her dummy paddleboxes have fooled many a visitor to the lake into thinking she was originally an operational paddle steamer !
1991 Sold to a private owner (Luca Gandini) and moved to Azzano but sunk in 1992 (cirumstances still unclear)
Four years later the steamer was refloated and moved to Dongo for major work to be undertaken to restore her original appearance
1982 Withdrawn from service and laid-up for several years
1956 Re-entered service after a slight lengthening and conversion to a motor vessel
1949 Plans to convert from coal to oil were rejected by the government
In consequence, the steamer was rarely used thereafter before being laid-up
1907 Entered service on Lake Como as a screw steamer but with dummy paddleboxes (which from a distance gave the appearance of a paddle steamer)

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