MPV Genève

Lake Geneva

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Date entered service -- 1896
New diesel engine installed -- 1934
Length -- 60.0m
Breadth -- 6.75m
Passenger capacity -- originally 1,000 (850 from 1934)
(now only used for static overnight accommodation)
Now owned by L’association pour le Bateau Genève
(normally moored near Geneva Jardin Anglais landing stage)
No public sailings
15th October 2002 The privately owned motor paddle vessel was towed from Geneva to the floating dock at Ouchy works by the CGN mv Général-Guisan on Tuesday 15th October
Following maintenance, it returned to Geneva on Monday 4th November being towed by mv Léman

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Annually For many years during the Fêtes de Genève in August, the motor paddle vessel crossed the lake under her own power to berth at Pâquis landing stage
Now, she is no longer authorised to navigate
Sold by the CGN to the Carrefour organisation for SF 75,000 before subsequently being transferred to the Bateau Genève association
Withdrawn from CGN passenger service
PS Genève was the first menber of the CGN fleet to be converted from steam to diesel power
Passenger capacity reduced to 850 at the same time

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