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N L G    Summer Timetable
Advance Information - Summer 2024

There is no reference to either of the two motor paddle vessesl in the official timetables

MPV G Zanardelli undertook a major re-build throughout 2018 and 2019 but has only managed to operate a limited number of special public sailings between 2020 and 2022

It is expected MPV G Zanardelli will
again only operate "charter" and the occasional "special" cruises
- normally based at Peschiera
details will be included on this website if and when advised to me

In consequence MPV Italia is to again be based at Riva for the
peak summer period - normally operating timetabled sailings from
Riva to Limone and Malcesine - although she may on occasions operate "Special" sailing instead

In 2024 it will again be possible to make a full-length sailing from
the southern end of the lake by using the early-morning hydrofoil/cataraman to Malcasine or Limone
to join the motor paddle vessel before returning on the last
southbound motor vessel or hydrofoil/cataraman services of the day
see my Garda Timetable Index for details

As usual,  timetabled sailings will be replaced by an ordinary motor vessel if MPV Italia has a private charter or is required
to step-in and cover one of the long-distance rosters......
......confirm locally before travelling

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