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Advance information - Summer 2021  

Since the end of the 2001 season * (when there were special afternoon cruises by MPV Italia
as well as MPV G Zanardelli operating timetabled sailings out of Desenzano)
the two motor paddle vessels are rarely advertised to operate public timetabled sailings
* - except for the emergency Coronavirus special sailings in August 2020

Once again in 2021 no sailings are advertised in the official NLG timetable to be operated
by either of the two Motor Paddle Vessels

This year,  following her major re-build,   MPV G Zanardelli is expected to again be
based at Riva and operate local short sailings at the north end of the lake

In consequence  MPV Italia (after covering her sister during 2018 and 2019) should revert
to operating short sailings at the south end of the lake vice a smaller motor vessel on busy days

Please e-mail me if you see either motor paddle vessel in service so the information
can be posted for the benefit of other visitors to this website

bold dates   - one or more motor paddle vessels planned/expected to be in service
light dates     - no motor paddle vesels planned to be in service
lilac dates   - "expected" sailings by motor paddle vessels awaiting formal confirmation

Mondays to Fridays - 1st January to 31st December 2021

Saturdays - 2nd January to 25th December 2021

Sundays - 3rd January to 26th December 2021

Mondays to Fridays
All dates

All dates

All dates

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