C G N    Summer Timetable
Advance Information 2017

2017 Timetabled sailings by the
four* steam paddle steamers and the two operational motor paddle vessels
are expected to operate sailings basically similar to 2016
along with the usual selection of "Special" sailings

It is planned that PS Montreux will return to service again in 2017 following major repairs and is expected to operate her 'traditional' timetabled sailings..........
afternoon sailing - Lausanne to Château de Chillon and return
evening sailing - Lausanne to Yvoire and return

..........see 2015 for further details

Following the return to service after a major re-build it is expected MPV Italie will be in service all year round joining her sister MPV Vevey

During the peak-summer, it is understood she is likely to replace PS Rhône
on her more-recent regular timetabled sailings..........
morning sailing - Lausanne to Geneva and return
evening sailing - Lausanne to Montreux and return

..........see 2016 for further details

* on this basis PS Rhône is likely to be 'on standby' and may not actually see any public service

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