C G N    Summer Timetable
Advance Information 2021

All CGN timetables are expected to be basically the same as originally planned for 2020

Allocation of the paddle steamers has yet to be confirmed,  but the four steam powered ones are expected to be based similar to last year

Following the much delayed 'return to service' of MPV Italie late in 2020,  she is most likely to cover the Le Bouveret based Upper Lake sailings enabling sister MPV Vevey to return to Lausanne for the daily sailings 101-106 which for most of 2019 had to be covered by mv Henry-Dunant

PS Rhône remains in dock comp;leting her major overhaul - which was delayed considerably by the early-2020 Coronavirius restrictions - an appearance towards the end of the year is still possible

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