C G N    Summer Timetable
Advance Information 2023

All SEVEN operational paddle steamers (five steam powered and two motor powered) are planned to be in service during 2023
The CGN took the opportunity to completely recast their timetables
for the 2022 season so no major changes are expected during 2023,  although some minor retimings are expected in light of the experience
of the previous summer

Owing to a shortage if crews last year,   one of the rosters ended up being covered by a motor vessel but the good news is those sailings are included in the "advance information" timetable for this year

With several paddle steamers not expected to have completed their winter overhauls before Easter - it is expected some 'interesting' changes to the actual ship allocation will have to take place in the short term,  but all seven paddle steamers should be in normal operation from the start of the peak-season timetable

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