Z S G    Summer Timetable
Advance Information - Summer 2017

Both paddle steamers are planned to be in service during 2017

Sailings themselves on Lake Zurich in 2017 are again similar to 2016
but once again, neither the ZSG nor the SBB make any reference as to which sailings will be operated by the paddle steamers in their official timetables

However the latest ZSG "Excursion Leaflet" includes the following summary on page 38 - which is their normal schedule, but subject to day-to-day alterations and weather permitting
It should be noted all sailings shown could be operated by just one paddle steamer in the event of problems - as happened in 2016
The information on this website will reflect the above and also any advertised "special" sailings

Any variations to the above will ONLY be shown if they are "confirmed to me" - which is where YOU can help if you observe anything different on a specific day !!!!

It is quite possible on some busy days both paddle steamers will
be in service,  with the second covering some sailings shown for
motor vessels on a non-advertised basis

Beware - steamer rosters are traditionally "switched round" on a
'day to day' basis (especially during poor weather) ---- If you particularly want to sail on a paddle steamer - confirm locally first

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