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The paddle steamers normally only operate during fine weather
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Advance information - Summer 2021

Mondays to Fridays - 3rd May to 30th September 2021  (1420 Rapperswil)
    Friday - 2nd July 2021  (no sailings - charter)
    Thursday - 15th July 2021  (replaced last minute by mv Albis)
    Monday to Friday - 16th to 21st July 2021  (ALL Rapperswil sailings SUSPENDED) - REVISED DATES
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Saturdays - 3rd April to 23rd October  2021  (1420 Rapperswil)
    Saturday - 17th July 2021  (ALL Rapperswil sailings SUSPENDED)
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Sundays - 2nd May to 26th September 2021  (1120 and 1730 Rapperswil)  
    Sunday - 18th July 2021 - ALL Rapperswil sailings SUSPENDED  
    Sunday - 1st August 2021  (Special evening cruise - all other sailings by mv Linth)  
Sundays - 3rd to 24th October 2021  (1420 Rapperswil)
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Mondays to Fridays
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Archive Timetables

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