Z S G    Summer Timetable
Advance Information - Summer 2020

The ZSG have completely re-cast their sailings for 2020,  with sailing speeds slightly reduced

The main change is there will no longer be any "through" sailings from Zurich to the
Upper Lake - these are replaced by a limited 'weekend only'
1120 sailings 301-302 from Rapperswil to Schmerikon
operated by a smaller motor vessel which breaks "tradition" by being based at that end
of the lake ----- at least these are shown to connect off the new 0915 sailing from Zurich

which is planned for a paddle steamer on several dates

Paddle steamer timetabled sailings are restricted to operate between Zurich and Rapperswil
with one of them rostered at weekends only in April and October,   but daily throughout
the rest of the summer either - normally operating just one round trip or occasionally two
on some busy days

Perhaps the best news for 2020 is both paddle steamer are advertised to be in service
together on July and August Sundays - something which has not happened for many years

The annual ZSG "Excursion Leaflet" confirms the timetabled sailings planned for
the paddle steamers with the usual "subject to"....... clause
but unlike previous years - no details of any "special" sailings are included

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