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N L C    Summer Timetable
Advance Information - Summer 2007

The new mv Orione (thanks for the picture of her by Marcello Baldrati taken from his website) will be in service throughout 2007
It is expected she will take over the 1030 departure sailings 114-135 from Como (sailings 214-235 on Summer Sundays by mv Plinio)

This will leave mv Manzoni spare throughout the week
so there could be a ripple effect onto the remaining sailing,
assuming recent subsidy reductions do not result in service cuts

This is not expected to alter the operational paddle steamer sailings which are likely to remainly broadly as 2006

Hopefully some work will be undertaken to PS Patria now she is under the care of the "Provincia di Como"

If you have any further information, please e-mail me

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