PS Patria

Lake Como
PS Patria
Date entered service -- 1926
Re-built -- 1966 and again commencing 2004
Length -- 53.66m
Breadth -- 12.30m
Passenger capacity -- 900 (originally)
Passenger seating -- 180 (proposed)
Withdrawn for re-build -- 1991
Dry docked -- 2004
Present status -- returned to public service from Saturday 21st June 2014
Out of service for over two decades
previous aborted plans for a major re-build included a new
large dining saloon at the rear of the upper deck (similar to PS Concordia)
(now considered by many to be essential for modern charter and tourist cruises)
However she was eventually re-built to her origin "half-saloon" design

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5th June 2023 The paddle steamer was towed from Villa Olmo pier to Tavernola dock at Como by mv Bisbino prior to the commencement of a major re-build
2015 to 2022 Remained static at the Villa Olmo pier at Como whilst various schemes to return her to "some form of" service wete evaluated
3rd August 2014 Owing to very heavy thunderstorms all round the late earlier in the day, the "Party Cruise" from Como on Sunday 3rd August was cancelled
12th July 2014 Operate the first of two special "Party Cruises" from Colico on Saturday 12th July
21st June 2014 First public sailing of the season
Operated the first of several "Party Cruises" from Como on Saturday 21st June
27th February 2014
Operated a special charter sailing from Como for Italian TV on Monday 27th February
19th July 2013
The paddle steamer finally reached Como for the first time in 23 years where the formal 'return to service' speaches and celebrations took place
Thereafter she was opern for public viewing at weekends

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8th May 2013
The paddle steamer succesfully under took her first steam-powered test sailing on and passed with flying colours

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9th October 2012
The paddle steamer was re-launched into the lake complete with scaffolding round her funnel on Tuesday 9th October following completion of work to her shell
She will now undertake internal work with a target to re-enter service sometime in 2013

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May 2009 The paddle steamer was finally moved into Dervio Dry Dock so work could commence on her major re-build
26th  August 2008 The local newspaper "La Provincia di Como" announced that a grant of Euro 1,300,000 has been allocated to enable the paddle steamer to be brought into full working order complete with new boilers
Work is due to start in December this year !
Ths target is to re-enter service in 2012

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22nd September 2006
The paddle steamer featured prominently in the publicity for the lake "Centobarche" as announced by the official committee
Unfortunately plans to tow the ship for exhibition at Como between 22nd and 24th September had to be cancelled last minute on safety grounds and she remained at Dervio dock all weekend
Nnever-the-less it is understood plans to start her restoration work next year still exist with an optimistic 'return to service' target of 2009

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August 2005 The local newspaper "La Provincia di Como" announced the paddle steamer was transfered to the Provincia di Como for one euro
7th November 2004
According to local newspaper reports, Provincia di Como has officially rejected the offer to purchase the paddle steamer leaving here future back up 'in the air'
It is understood all restoration work has ceased, leaving the wonderful original 1926 sofas abandoned in a corner of Dervio dock
15th July 2004
The paddle steamer was moved into Dervio dry-dock
The Provincia di Como formed a new company registered as AVE Navigazione to initially manage the restoration work and ultimately the use of the paddle steamer
Rust was removed and the hull restored and painted so it can last another 10 years
She subsequently returned to Dervio dock
June 2004 Ownership of the paddle steamer was officially offered to the Provincia di Como (the local government) for one euro
February 2004 Click here for further local newspaper reports during February
2003 Local newspaper reports
11th February

The president of Como County, the president of Lecco County, the director of NLC and the president of the private associaton "Famiglia comasca" visited PS Patria laid-up at Dervio dock to evalutate a new possibility for her restoration
5th April
An initial E980,000 (of the estimated E3,500,000) has been secured from last April (pending an executive project - estimated to take bewteen 6 and 12 months) but this is sufficient for the first step of restoration (the one regarding hull and other structural works and the project of the new boilers)
In any case it will be necessary to wait for the completion of the new car ferry mv Lario - which still occupies the dry dock at Dervio dock before any work can start

There were several unconfirmed suggestions that the project had been dropped and the paddle steamer was to be scrapped instead - these appear to have originated from a casual discussion with an employee of the NLI shipping companies
2001 Unfortunately, previously secured funding for a major re-build has been withdrawn due to the delay in providing detailed plans for the work
Visit the supporters website for details of the latest delay and proposed action
1992 Laid-up at at Dervio dock (near Como) awating finance for a major re-build
October 1991 Last sailing of the season
took place in October
1990 Last Summer season in service
1953 Re-boilered and converted from coal to oil
1943 Renamed PS Patria
1926 Entered service on 31st July 1926 as PS Savoia

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