PS Concordia

N L C    Summer Timetable
Advance Information - Summer 2019

There is no reference to either of the two
paddle steamers
in the official timetables

PS Patria will NOT sail in 2019 as she is still needs completion of the partial re-build started some years ago
but it is now understood the NLC no longer intend to carry
out this work unless there is external funding

PS Concordia will again operate regular
"special Sunday sailings" from Como
possibly with some minor changes to the 2018 times

As usual,  there are no Paddle Steamer advertised timetabled sailings during 2019,  but PS Concordia may well again replace an ordinary motor vessel if there is a private charter or she is required to step-in and cover one of the long-distance rosters due to breakdowns - as happened in autumn 2018

In addition, the 100 year old + ex-Paddle Steamer mv Milano
is expected to be in service again most days - normally on her "traditional" full-lake Colico to Como and back roster
- except when she is operating a private charter
or having to cover one of the Como based ships

If you have any further information please e-mail me
with the details

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