MPV Helvétie
Lake Geneva

Moored at Lausanne Olympic Site
15th March 2012
photo: Jean Vernet  
Date entered service -- 1926
Length -- 78.5m
Breadth -- 15.9m
Major re-build -- 1977
Passenger capacity -- 1,400
now laid-up again at the outer wall at Ouchy harbour
2nd November 2015 The motor paddle vessel was towed back to Ouchy harbour on Monday 2nd November by the small CGN works tugs and she is now again berthed at the outer harbour wall whilst a decision is made about her immediate future
There are suggestions she may find further interim use as a 'static vessel' for various functions
At this stage she is at the back of a long queue for access to the covered dry dock to undertake a major overhaul - which is not expected to start before at least 2025
15th March 2012 "Temporary period of use as a "static exhibition"
Following a partial overhaul of the super-structure, an external re-paint and work to some internal fittings, the motor paddle vessel was towed the short distance along the coast from Lausanne harbour to the Olympic site where she was used as a temporary floating "static exhibition" whilst the permanent facilities on shore were renovated
Laid-up at the outer wall at Ouchy dock
Awaiting finance for a new engine (possibly steam) and a major re-build, but at present is at the back of a long list of paddle steamers awaiting major work
2002 Withdrawn from service and sailed light under her own power from Geneva to berth at the outer Ouchy Harbour wall
31st December 2001 Final public sailing before long-term lay-up
Operated a special New Years's Eve dance cruise from Geneva on Monday 31st December
7th December 2001 Operated a special evening disco cruise from Geneva on Friday 7th December
5th October 2001 Last public sailing of the Summer season
Operated the first of a new series of Autumn Taverne Alsacienne Cruises from Geneva on Friday 5th October
Owing to poor advance bookings, the remaining advertised Taverne Alsacienne Cruises were operated by the much smaller mv Ville-de-Genève
11th August 2001 On Saturday 11th August operated an evening fireworks cruise from Yvoire to Geneva
1st August 2001 On Wednesday 1st August operated two evening dance cruises from Geneva at 2030 and 2245
14th June 2001 First dance cruise of the season from Geneva on Thursday 14th June
19th May 2001 Return to service of PS Montreux after major rebuild
Second public sailing of 2001 on Saturday 19th May "Steamer Parade"
29th April 2001 First timetabled sailing of 2001 on Sunday 29th April vice MPV Vevey 1015 Geneva to Yvoire and return
31st December 2000 Operated a New Year's Eve dance cruise from Geneva at 2045 on Sunday 31st December
14th September 2000 Fifth and final timetabled sailing of the 2000 season
on Thursday 14th September vice mv Ville-de-Genève
- 1220 "lunch" and 1530 "tea" cruises from Geneva
9th September 2000 Fourth timetabled sailing of 2000 on Saturday
9th September
vice PS La Suisse  0900 "Rhône
 from Geneva and return
2nd September 2000 Third timetabled sailing of 2000 on Saturday
2nd September
vice mv Ville-de-Genève
1220 "lunch" and 1530 "tea" cruises from Geneva
5th August 2000 On Saturday 5th August operated an evening fireworks cruise  from Yvoire to Geneva
1st August 2000 On Tuesday 1st August operated an evening dance cruise  from Geneva
24th June 2000 Second timetabled sailing of 2000 on Saturday
24th June
vice mv Ville-de-Genève   1220 "lunch"
and 1530 "tea" cruises from Geneva
11th June 2000 First timetabled sailing of 2000 on Sunday 11th June
vice PS La Suisse  0900 "Rhône Express"  from
Geneva to St-Gingolph and return
31st December 1999 Operated a Millennium Eve cruise from Lausanne
- the motor paddle vessel sailed specially from winter lay-up at Geneva to replace mv Lausanne which had suffered storm damage on 26th December
10th October 1999 Final timetabled sailing of 1999 on Sunday 10th
vice mv Ville-de-Genève   sailings 80-71
(1030 Geneva to Yvoire, Nyon
'shuttle' and 1645 Yvoire to Geneva)
8th August 1998 Operated the Fêtes de Genève Saturday timetabled
sailings 214-205 (1800 "evening cruise" from Geneva
to Yvoire and 2015 return) vice the smaller
MPV Montreux
1st August 1993 Operated Swiss National Day Sunday timetabled
sailings 65-76-95-173 (1230 "lunch" cruise and
1415 "Round the Upper Lake" sailing from Lausanne)
vice PS La Suisse
August 1983
In addition to the traditional Thursday and Saturday Evening Dance Cruise sailings 988-993, the motor paddle vessel also operated sailings 26-53 every Sunday vice the smaller PS Rhône
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