C G N    Summer Timetable
Advance Information   -   Summer 2007

MPV Helvétie                        
was laid-up in early 2002 as an economy measure
                  MPV Italie
joined her at the end of the 2005 season
as a further economy measure

It was originally announced by the CGN that MPV Vevey
was also planned to be 'long-term' laid-up from the
end of the 2006 season
......................but at the CGN AGM held on
Friday 30th June 2006 it was announced that
MPV Vevey is reprieved !!!!!

It is understood MPV Vevey will again be based at Le Bouveret for the
2007 season and operate the "Upper Lake Circle Cruises" similar to 2006
- the number of passengers having increased dramatically on these sailings since the
MPV took over from the old motor vessel mv Chablais in late-May 2006

In addition it is expected PS Simplon and PS Rhône will exchange rosters
during the peak-Summer period

Although there will inevitably be some detailed alterations to all services
in the light of experience of the recast 2006 timetable
the rosters for the remaining paddle steamers should remain basically unaltered

The most noticable change will be the introduction of a high-speed NAVIBUS
taking over the Nyon-Chens/Yvoire service
and she will also include some fast runs between Thonon and Geneva

Some changes to the Winter, Spring and Autumn periods are expected to follow
as a result of the retention of MPV Vevey
also PS Savoie is expected to be in service at Geneva most of the year
according to Chef Philippe Chevrier, who operates the catering on board

further details to follow

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