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Advance Information 2012

Unfortunately MPV Vevey was withdrawn from service on Thursday 30th September 2010
and has now joined her sisters MPV Italie and MPV Helvétie at Lausanne-Ouchy harbour
awaiting finance for a major re-build to return to operational status
- locally there has been strong pressure from certain politicians to save money
but hopefully that will be fully resolved before too long

Paddle steamer sailings for 2012 are basically the same as those originally advertised for 2011
(ie before the premature withdrawal of both PS Montreux and PS Rhône with mechanical problems ! )

However, both the evening cruises from Geneva and Lausanne (which no longer operates on Mondays)
will again be extended to Yvoire to inter-connect - thus re-instating a much later return sailing in both
directions between the two towns compared with 2011

Whilst MPV Helvétie is still not opeational, following a partial overhaul in dry dock during 2011
the ship will perform a static "exhibition" role at Lausanne throughout 2012

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