C G N    Summer Timetable
Advance Information 2016

2016 Timetabled sailings by the
five steam paddle steamers and the one operational motor paddle vessel
were basically to be the same as 2015

It has subsequently been announced that PS Montreux will remain in dock
all summer (following the damage on Sunday 9th August 2015)
In consequence the 1415 sailing from Lausanne to Château-de-Chillon and return
will be covered by a motor vessel
and the 1845 sailing from Lausanne to Yvoire and return
will be covered by another paddle steamer

The other main summer alteration is ......
a) PS Simplon will no longer operate the 1400 Lausanne to Evian-les-Bains return ferry sailing
Instead she will return back to Geneva much earlier, departing Lausanne at 1405

In addition MPV Vevey will again be based at Geneva throughout the winter
operating the Friday Evening Fondue Sailing and the Sunday Lunch Sailing
possibly being joined or replaced by the completely renolvated MPV Italie
from the late-autumn

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