Z S G    Summer Timetable
Advance Information - Summer 2016

Both paddle steamers are planned to be in service during 2016

Based on the official SBB timetables, the 2016 summer lake timetabled sailings are similar to summer 2015
BUT unusually the 2016 ZSG brochure/timetable makes no reference to any pre-planned timetabled sailings by the paddle steamers although several "special" sailings are included

In the absence of any other official information from the company, the information shown by the SBB has been extracted for this website and can be summarised as.....

Sundays (May)
1130 Zurich to Schmerikon and 1535 return

Weekdays (June to September)
1130 Zurich to Schmerikon and 1535 return

Sundays (June to September)
1030 Zurich to Rapperswil and 1230 return
1130 Zurich to Schmerikon and 1535 return
1530 Zurich to Rapperswil and 1730 return

Beware steamer rosters are traditionally "switched round" on a
'day to day' basis (especially during poor weather) ---- If you particularly want to sail on a paddle steamers - confirm locally first

Any chsnge but ONLY if advised to me will be shown on this website

If YOU have any further information, please e-mail me
so I can post it for the benefit of other visitors to this site

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