C G N    Summer Timetable
Summary - August 1983

A nostalgic look back to the peak-Summer August sailings in 1983

In 1983 the CGN had eight operational paddle vessels (four steam and four diesel)
This gave the operating department the luxury of a "spare" paddle steamer (PS Simplon)
which only operated in public service
on 7 days during August
That month it operated vice PS Savoie on Tuesday 2nd  Tuesday 16th  Friday 19th  Saturday 27th
and Wednesday 31st - she also covered for PS La Suisse on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th
as well as five days of special or charter sailings However 21 years later (2004),  the operational paddle vessel fleet was down to just five

The number of piers served, particularly on the French shore, reduced considerably over the following two decades
but it was heartening to find some piers had have calls re-instated by 2004
One notable change was the servicing of the small French piers at Sciez and Margencel-Anthy-Séchex which in
August 1983 was by the paddle steamers plying the full length of the lake - but 21 years later they only
had a dedicated service by the small mv Grèbe
These days the piers are no longer served and that small motor vessel is no longer part of the CGN

PS Savoie operated the popular 1115 'mid-morning' sailing 21 across the lake from Lausanne to the French resorts
of Evian and Thonon - this sailing was later extended to Yvoire and continued each summer until the end of
the 1999 season when it was withdrawn as an ecomony measure

Surprisingly 2004 saw it re-instated, albeit only using mv Léman before the ever-increasing daily commuters
between Evian-les-Bains and Lausanne forced her to become the dedicated "ferry" on that run

PS La Suisse operated her usual 1230 'lunch cruise' from Lausanne to Evian followed by an
anti-clockwise afternoon cruise round the Upper Lake
These sailings were subsequently operated by the smaller re-built PS Montreux allowing the larger paddle steamer to be based at Geneva for a while

The traditional 2 Day Roster sailings were operated by two of then three smaller motor paddle vessels
MPV Vevey and MPV Montreux (the latter subsequently being re-converted to steam power in 2001)
These MPVs only made one visit to the Upper Lake alternating between the morning or the afternoon
on subsequent days
unlike the situation 21 years later when PS Rhône and mv Henry-Dunant
operated one and a half full-length sailings each day

On Sundays the larger MPV Helvétie was rostered all through the month to the full-length Geneva based
sailings 26-53 to Le Bouveret thus allowing the smaller PS Rhône one day-off each week !

As if a regular eleven hour day was not enough,  MPV Italie also opereted a Sunday evening round trip from Le Bouveret to Vevey after her full-lake round trip sailings 17-54
She still operates the daily full-lake sailing from Le Bouveret to Geneva and return

Regular evening Dance Cruises were operated on Wednesdays round the Upper Lake by MPV Italie
 Thursdays from Geneva by MPV Helvétie
as well Saturdays when the large MPV was joined by a similar cruise from Lausanne by PS La Suisse

Unfortunately these regular danse cruises had all been withdrawn 21 years later
but alternative evening sailings do still operate occasionally as either specials
or modifying the late timetable sailings with an "assortment" of catering options

The former mv Chablais was a much cheaper option than the paddle steamers for a
private evening charter sailings resulting in her then regular evening sailing from Lausanne
to both Evian-les-Bains and Thonon-les-Bains and back at 1915 having to be covered
by a paddler - PS Savoie on Thursday 18th August and MPV Vevey on Saturday 20th August

Index of timetables operated by the paddle steamers during August 1983
Mondays - 1st to 29th August 1983
Tuesday - 2nd August 1983
Tuesdays - 9th to 30th August 1983
Tuesday - 16th August 1983
Wednesdays - 3rd to 24th August 1983
Wednesday - 31st August 1983
Thursdays - 4th and 18th August 1983
Thursday - 18th August 1983
Thursday - 25th August 1983
Fridays - 5th and 12th August 1983
Friday - 19th August 1983
Friday - 26th August 1983
Saturday - 6th August 1983
Saturday - 13th August 1983
Saturday - 20th August 1983
Saturday - 27th August 1983
Sundays - 7th to 28th August 1983

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