Paddle Steamers operated on
Lake Geneva  Lake Luzern and Lake Zurich
also Lake Garda - (MPV Italia covered the Riva sailings)

Follow links to the required lake for further details

If you are aware of any paddle steamer sailings on any other Swiss or Italian Lake - please email me

Any photos or saved webcam shots would be appreciated, especially as confirmation
that the expected paddle steamers did successfully enter service as planned

Did you see PS Stadt Zürich, PS Rhône, MPV Vevey. PS Unterwalden or MPV Italia
in service anytime over Easter ?
If so, please e-mail me "when and where seen" - Thank you

Lake Zurich
There were further problems of "ship availability" on Easter Sunday resulting in last minute changes to the rosters
The 1130 sailing to Rapperswil was eventually covered by mv Limmat
PS Stadt Zürich was observed arriving Rapperswil on the 1030 sailing from Zurich

The same arrangements applied again on Easter Monday also on subsequent early-Summer Sundays

Saturday 19th April 2008

PS Stadt Luzern  (Lake Luzern) 80th Birthday Parade

                                                                                                  photo:  Roger Roth

A large crowd enjoyes the 80th Birthday Parade of the flagship..........

                                                                                                  photo:  Robert Knöpfel

.......... along with the other four paddle steamers..........

                                                                                                  photo:  Hans Eichenberger

.......... and later forming a star off-Weggis..........

                                                                                                  photo:  Hans Eichenberger

.......... and finally running in parallel formation

Sunday 14th December 2008

PS Uri  (Lake Luzern)
Above - the paddle steamer makes the first rare
winter advertised call at Kehrsiten Bürgenstock

(unobserved by passengers taking "Brunch" inside)
Sailing 101 now includes one on the
more surprising piers to receive winter calls
for the first time this centuary !

Right - as the second picture clearly shows
--- the connecting funicular was definately
closed down for the winter !
photos:  Daniel Eichenberger 

Advent, Christmas and New Year 2008/09 on
Lake Luzern

                                                                                                  photo:  Robert Horlacher
Friday - 5th December 2008
Sunday - 7th December 2008
Saturday - 13th December 2008
Sunday - 14th December 2008
Saturday - 20th December 2008
Sunday - 21st December 2008
Thursday - 25th December 2008  (Christmas Day)
Friday - 26th December 2008  (Boxing Day)
Saturday - 27th December 2008
Sunday - 28th December 2008
Monday - 29th December 2008
Tuesday - 30th December 2008
Wednesday - 31st December 2008  (New Year's Eve)

Thursday - 1st January 2009  (New Year's Day)
Friday - 2nd January 2009
Saturday - 3rd January 2009
Sunday - 4th January 2009

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