January 2009
PS Wilhelm Tell visits the SGV floating dock at Luzern

                                                                                                  photo:   by Dampferzeitung

The former SGV paddle steamer is towed from the Schweizerhofquai
to the SGV works by mv Gotthard on Monday 26th January 2009

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 The former SGV paddle steamer arrives at Luzern works
as seen from the webcam on board PS Stadt Luzern
(unfortunately there was no update after 0902 as she crossed the bay until this view at 0914 !)

                                                                                                  photo:  Robert Horlacher

Two days later the paddle steamer stands proudly on the SGV Floating Dock
Note - the banner says the paddle steamer will reopen for business on 1st March

                                                                                                  photo:   Daniel Eichenberger

By Friday 30th January, work was well underway

Tuesday 27th January 2009

Six paddle steamers (Lake Luzern)

                                                                                                  photo:   Daniel Eichenberger

PS Wilhelm Tell (in the right background) joins her five operational sisters
note - the funnel has already been removed from PS Unterwalden
(behind the middle funnel)
ready for her entry into the covered dry dock

March 2009

PS Neuchâtel  (Lake Neuchâtel)

                                                                                                photos:   Olivier Bachmann

Work is proceeding rapidly on renovating the steam engine for the paddle steamer
which is it hoped will re-enter service in 2011
providing the remaining funds can be raised in time

More pictures of the Maffei engine can also be found under the following link

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