Swiss and Italian paddle steamers
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March 2021
Lake Como
PS Concordia departs Bellagio towards Como  
December 2020
Lake Luzern
five paddle steamers load at Luzern
June 2020
Lake Luzern
PS Germania arrives Luzern
May 2020
Lake Geneva
MPV Italie returns to service - autumn 2016
February 2020
Lake Geneva
PS General Dufour departs Geneva in 1953
December 2019
Lake Brienz
PS Jungfrau departs Iseltwald in 1912
October 2019
Lake Como
PS Concordia at Como on 15th August 1972
August 2019
Lake Brienz
PS Brienz calls at Bönigen in 1949
June 2019
Lake Brienz
PS Brienz approaching Giessbach (postcard dated 15th August 1906)
November 2017
Lake Geneva
PS Rhône stands at the dock in 1951
October 2017
Lake Geneva
A lightly loaded PS Genève approaches Evian-les-Bains (France) in 1951
November 2016
Lake Luzern
PS Gallia at Luzern pier no 2 as seen from the tower built specially in 1952
February 2014
Lake Garda
PS Baldo at an unidentified location
Can you identify the location or the likely date ?
October 2011
Lake Brienz
PS Brienz ? near Ringgenberg (postcard dated 29th May 1939)
January 2010
Lake Brienz
PS Brienz ? near Interlaken probably between 1900 and 1915
September 2009
Lake Luzern
PS Stadt Luzern leaves Tellsplatte in 1956
July 2009
Lake Brienz
PS Brienz leaves Giessbach possibly shortly before her withdrawal from service
May 2009
Lake Brienz
PS Lötschberg approached Brienz
January 2009
Lake Brienz
PS Brienz reverses along the river away from Interlaken
November 2008
Lake Brienz
PS Oberland en-route between Giessbach and Brienz
August 2008
Lake Brienz
PS Oberland approaches Bönigen pier
July 2008
Lake Thun
An unidentified paddle steamer departs from Beatenbucht pier
June 2008
Lake Geneva
PS La Suisse near Vevey in 1982
April 2008
Lake Geneva
PS Général Dufour awaits her fate in September 1969
March 2008
Lake Luzern
PS Gallia moored at Luzern in 1976
February 2008
Lake Geneva
PS Major Davel awaits her fate in September 1969
January 2008
Lake Brienz
An unidentified paddle steamer calls at Brienz Dorf pier on Lake Brienz
December 2007
Lake Thun
An unidentified paddle steamer crosses Lake Thun
November 2007
Lake Zurich
PS Stadt Zürich sets off into the lake
October 2007
Lake Luzern
PS Schiller takes part in her 100th Birthday Parade
September 2007
Lake Como
Four unidentified paddle steamers moored at Como
August 2007
Lake Geneva
PS Genève ? (built 1896) in the Upper Lake
July 2007
Lake Maggiore
PS Lombardia on Lake Maggiore
June 2007
Lake Thun
PS Beatus approaches Interlaken betwen 1897 and 1900
May 2007
Lake Luzern
An unidentified paddle steamer approaches Treib
April 2007
Lake Como
ex-PS mv Milano calls at Dervio whilst celebrating her 100th birthday in 2004
March 2007
Lake Geneva
PS Simplon covered in "spots" leaves Evian-les-Bains in 1996
February 2007
Lake Neuchâtel
PS Neuchâtel in service in her early days
January 2007
Lake Como
An unidentified paddle steamer stands at Cadenabbia
December 2006
Lake Geneva
PS Lausanne at Geneva Jardin-Anglais pier - about 1931
November 2006
Lake Luzern
PS Uri in 1981 before being re-built
October 2006
Lake Geneva
PS France (1886) and PS Mouette at Geneva
September 2006
Lake Konstanz
Two unidentified paddle steamers stand at Bregenz
August 2006
Lake Maggiore
An unidentified paddle steamer approaches Cernobbio
July 2006
Lake Luzern
PS Wilhelm Tell in the CGN dock
June 2006
Lake Geneva
PS Savoie leads the final six paddle steamer parade
May 2006
Lake Luzern
The now withdrawn PS Italia calls at Seeburg pier
April 2006
Lake Geneva
MPV Italie near the end of her final season in service
March 2006
Lake Luzern
An unidentified padle steamer approaches Brunnen
prior to the closure of the Brunnen-Morschach railway which ceased operation in 1969
February 2006
Lake Geneva
Three paddle steamers at Geneva piers
January 2006
Lake Luzern
PS Stadt Luzern II approaches Flüelen prior to 1925
December 2005
Lake Lugano
An unidentified paddle steamer in 1919
November 2005
Lake Geneva
A well loaded PS Simplon returns to service after major repairs following her explosion two years earlier
October 2005
Lake Thun
PS Blümlisalp at Interlarken
September 2005
Lake Geneva
Paddle steamers at the old Lausanne-Ouchy pier
August 2005
Lake Neuchâtel
PS Industriel was one of the earlierst paddle steamers on the lake
July 2005
Lake Geneva
PS La Suisse passes the Dents du Midi in the Upper Lake
June 2005
Lake Luzern
PS Uri near Luzern in the Summer of 1977
May 2005
Lake Geneva
The 3 large CGN paddle steamers at line up on the outer wall at Ouchy Harbour on Easter Sunday 27th March 2005
April 2005
Lake Luzern
PS Wilhelm Tell at Luzern Schweizerhofquai during the summer of 1977
March 2005
Lake Zurich
PS Stadt Zürich leaves Horgan during the summer of 1979
February 2005
Lake Luzern
PS Rigi at the Verkehrshaus Transport Museum
shortly after her arrival in the late 1950s
January 2005
Lake Geneva
PS Général Dufour at Ouchy harbour - Lausanne (1st July 1977)
December 2004
Lake Luzern
PS Unterwalden at Luzern (30th March 1956)
November 2004
Lake Garda
PS Baldo at Salo (early 1900s)
October 2004
Lake Thun
PS Blümlisalp in service near the end of last Century (May 1998)
September 2004
Lake Como
PS Patria in service during the 1987 season
August 2004
Lake Luzern
A paddle steamer at Brunnen pier during the second World War
July 2004
Lake Brienz
PS Lötschberg nears the end of the 1983 season
June 2004
Lake Como
PS 28 Ottobre prior to renaming in 1943
May 2004
Lake Geneva
MPV Vevey at Geneva in September 1959
April 2004
Lake Neuchatel
A line-up of paddle steamers in 1953

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