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Advance information - Summer 2024

 It is understood the paddle steamer will NOT be in public service between 
Monday 22nd and Sunday 28th July inclusive - further details to follow
 Do YOU know why ?

 If so please e-mail me with any information you may have so far - thank you 

Note REVISED sailings until Sunday 26th May 
Translated "Trivapor" Press Release..........
The steamboat Neuchâtel on a reduced course
    After ten years on a successful course since its reconstruction, the steamboat underwent a general overhaul last winter.
    It has been back in scheduled service since Ascension Day and is now in good running order, but the steam engine is making an unusual noise that could indicate abnormal wear and tear.
    The ship will be inspected by one of the few specialists in this sector, an employee of Shiptec (Lucerne).
    Much in demand on several lakes, he will come to Neuchâtel on 27 and 28 May.
    If all goes well, the steamboat will start its normal service on the Three Lakes on Thursday 29 May.
    In the meantime, the boat will be operating somewhat sparingly from Wednesday to Sunday on the round trips from Neuchâtel at 10.30, 12.10, 14.15 and 16.00.
    The next trip to Biel is scheduled for 29 May and to Murten for 30 May.
    Trivapor apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Mondays and Tuesdays - 13th May to 24th September 2024
Wednesdays - 15th and 22nd May 2024  (1030 Cudrefin)
Wednesdays - 29th May to 25th September 2024  (1140 Bienne/Biel)
    Wednesday 24th July 2024  ?????
Thursdays - 9th to 23rd May 2024  (1030 Cudrefin)
Thursdays - 30th May to 26th September 2024  (1215 Morat/Murten)
    Thursday 25th July 2024  ?????
    Swiss National Day - Thursday 1st August 2024  (Parade/Fireworks cruise)
Fridays - 10th and 17th May 2024  (1030 Cudrefin)
Friday - 24th May 2024  (1030 Cudrefin) breakdown at 1330
Fridays - 31st May to 27th September 2024  (0915 Morat/Murten)
    Friday 26th July 2024  ?????
    Friday 2nd August 2024  - no PS sailings as the crew will have been working late the previous evening ????? (based on previous years)) 
Mondays to Fridays - 30th September to 31st December 2024

Saturday - 4th May 2024  (Trivapor AGM at Twann/Douanne)
Saturdays - 11th May to 28th September 2024  (1030 Cudrefin)
    Saturday - 25th May 2024  ( 1030 Cudrefin ) - covered by a motor vessel  
    Saturday - 1st June 2024  (0910 Yverdon-les-Bains)
    Saturday - 6th July 2024  (0910 Yverdon-les-Bains)
    Saturday 27th July 2024  ?????
    Saturday - 3rd August 2024  (0910 Yverdon-les-Bains)
    Saturday - 7th September 2024  (0910 Yverdon-les-Bains)
Saturdays - 5th October to 28th December 2024

Sundays - 12th and 19th May 2024  (1030 Cudrefin)
    Sunday - 26th May 2024  ( 1030 Cudrefin ) - covered by a motor vessel  
Sundays - 2nd June to 29th September 2024  (1215 Morat/Murten)
    Sunday 28th July 2024  ?????
Sundays - 6th October to 29th December 2024

Mondays to Fridays
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All dates

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