(as defined in WELSH Law)
    The normal winter "Sherpa" services are WITHDRAWN due to the further Coronavirus restrictions.......... on the following links for the TEMPORARY timetables on routes "S2"* also "S4" and "S97" which commenced on Thursday 14th January 2021

    * - "S2" - further changer from Monday 15th February
- from Monday 25th January all "alternative" Conwy Valley train journeys were replaced by just two rail replacement bus journeys per day from Llandudno Junction

"S2" Betws-y-Coed - Pen-y-Pass - Llanberis   
Gwynfor Coaches "Sherpa"        
"S4" Pen-y-Pass - Beddgelert - Caernarfon   

Snowdon Sherpa
Bus Timetables

unofficial website

Capel Curig
Nant Gwynant
(for Watkin path)
Aberglaslyn      Rhyd Ddu  
Porthmadog      Caernarfon

   "X19" "19" Llandudno to Betws-y-Coed
        Llew Jones connections
        Gwynfor connections
   "S97" Beddgelert to Porthmadog

  B E W A R E ....................... !!!
Car Parking in Snowdonia is very limited and can be VERY expensive even if a space can be found
(Parking your car on one of the many "clearways" is illegal and you will get a hefty fine !)

The alternative is to leave your car behind and use the
Snowdon Sherpa Bus network

    STOP PRESS..........
    So far no announcement has been made about any possible changes to the "S4" and "S97" services serving the Beddgelert area..........
..........however,  commencing Wednesday 13th January 2021 the level of the "S2" Sherpa connections from/to Betws-y-Ccoed will
be considerably reduced - click here for details of the temporary MUCH REDUCED "S2" journeys still operating

    Arriva have withdraw their weekday "3B" connecting service from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog and a revised service is now being operated by Lloyds Coaches

    Gwynfor have confirmed the 1730 "S2" Sherpa from Betws-y-Coed to Llanberis WIlL now be extended to Caernarfon - as it was all summer
    This means there is an 1810 local journey from Llanberis - 'one hour' later than the last "88" at 1710 !!!!!

    The "winter 2020-2021" Shrepa timetables have been advanced to commence on Saturday 24th October
  (co-terminous with the all-Wales 'two week' lock down)

    The daily "S2" reverts to the standard "one bus" two hourly service without the late journeys
    The connecting weekdays only "S4" from Caernarfon to Pen-y-Pass terminates at Beddgelert and to compensate the "S97" from Porthmadog to Beddgelert is extended to Pen-y-Pass --- minor changes to many times and again without the late journeys

    Unfortunately,  many official websites (including the TravelineCymru "Journey Planner") continue to show journeys which have either been "WITHDRAWN" or are currently "SUSPENDED"
    These are also included below as a warning - to help you avoid being caught out !!!

    Please bookmark this page and revisit nearer the time to see if there have been any changes or further SUSPENSIONS from the limited official information when this page was last updated

    Any journey shown on all pages on this website with a "strike through" line is still be operating,  BUT it is NO LONGER possible to get a connection back to the start location of this page - eg

This "unofficial" website attempts to show what is available
and to encourage greater also use includes some suggested
"trips round Snowdonia - without your car"

  llwbr BETWS route  
Snowdon Sherpa
  llwbr GLASLYN route  

Snowdon         Snowdon                                                                                         
:                       :
  Llanberis -- Pen-y-Pass                      Snowdon                   Aberglaslyn Pass
                                                                     |                                           :                                       :                     /--Porthmadog
Llandudno -- Betws-y-Coed --- Penygwryd --- Nant Gwynant --- Beddgelert --/-- Caernarfon   

(showing through Sherpa journeys to Llanberis
(as far as Pen-y-Pass)   also connections to Porthmadog via the Aberglaslyn Pass at Beddgelert)
Mondays to Saturdays - 25th January 2021 until further notice
see VERY important note above
All journeys between Pen-y-Pass and Beddgelert are SUSPENDED
Click here for TEMPORARY limited journeys between Betws-y-Coed and Pen-y-Pass/Llanberis
Click here for TEMPORARY limited journeys between Beddgelert and Porthmadog
Click here for TEMPORARY limited journeys between Beddgelert and Caernarfon
Click here for TEMPORARY limited connections between Llandudno and Betws-y-Coed
  latest times should always be confirmed from the individual timetables on the official Conwy CC or Gwynedd CC websites  and any subsequent amendments thereto  
  BEWARE - many bus stop displays have NOT yet been updated   -   also buses have been "observed" passing INTERMEDIATE locations
considerably earlier than some official "gestimates" - you are stongly advised to arrive at least FIVE minutes before the advertised intermediate times  

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Suggested Sherpa Trips
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Bangor - Snowdonia  (via Llanberis)
Barmouth - Snowdonia  (via Porthmadog)
Bethesda - Capel Curig - Betws-y-Coed
Bethesda - Capel Curig - Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed - Capel Curig - Bethesda
Betws-y-Coed - Pen-y-Pass - Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed - Llandudno  (connections)
Betws-y-Coed - Pen-y-Pass - Porthmadog
Caernarfon/Porthmadog - Beddgelert - Llanberis
Caernarfon - Beddgelert - Porthmadog
Caernarfon (WHRly) - Beddgelert - Llandudno
Caernarfon (WHRly) - Beddgelert - Porthmadog
Corwen - Llanrwst - Llandudno
Llanberis Pass --- Park and Ride
Llanberis - Capel Curig - Bethesda
Llanberis - Pen-y-Pass - Betws-y-Coed
Llanberis - Beddgelert - Caernarfon/Porthmadog
Llandudno/Colwyn Bay - Betws-y-Coed  (connections)
Llandudno - Beddgelert - Caernarfon (WHRly)
Llandudno - Llanrwst - Corwen
Llandudno - Snowdonia  (via Betws-y-Coed)
Porthmadog - Beddgelert - Caernarfon
Porthmadog - Beddgelert - Caernarfon (WHRly)
Porthmadog/Caernarfon - Beddgelert - Llanberis
Porthmadog - Pen-y-Pass - Betws-y-Coed
Pwllheli - Snowdonia  (via Porthmadog)
Snowdonia - Bangor  (via Llanberis) 
Snowdonia - Barmouth  (via Porthmadog)
 Snowdonia - Llandudno  (via Betws-y-Coed or Caernarfon) 
Snowdonia - Pwllheli  (via Porthmadog)
Climb Snowdon - with the Sherpas   (summary)
Ride Round Snowdon - with the Sherpas   (summary)

Suggested weekday trips from Barmouth
Suggested weekday trips from Beddgelert
Suggested Saturday trips from Bethesda
Suggested weekday trips from Betws-y-Coed
Suggested weekday trips from Caernarfon
Suggested weekday trips from Conwy
Suggested weekday trips from Corwen
Suggested weekday trips from Llanberis
Suggested weekday trips from Llandudno
Suggested weekday trips from Llanrwst
Suggested weekday trips from Porthmadog

Suggested Sunday trips from Barmouth
Suggested Sunday trips from Beddgelert
Suggested Sunday trips from Bethesda
Suggested Sunday trips from Betws-y-Coed
Suggested Sunday trips from Caernarfon
Suggested Sunday trips from Conwy
Suggested Sunday trips from Llanberis
Suggested Sunday trips from Llandudno
Suggested Sunday trips from Llanrwst
Suggested Sunday trips from Porthmadog

Suggested weekday trips from
Suggested Sunday trips from
North Wales Coast Railway stations
(via Betws-y-Coed)

Later non-Sherpa weekday journeys from......
Beddgelert area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Pen-y-Pass area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Porthmadog area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Beddgelert area to Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed area to Llanberis
Porthmadog area to Llanberis
Llanberis area to Caernarfon
Llanberis area to Porthmadog area
Later non-Sherpa Sunday journeys from......
Beddgelert area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Pen-y-Pass area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Porthmadog area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Beddgelert area to Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed area to Llanberis
Porthmadog area to Llanberis
Llanberis area to Caernarfon
Llanberis area to Porthmadog area
Additional and updated pages are in the process of being prepared - please bookmark this page and keep returning for the very latest information available

This page last  Updated - snowdon sherpa bus service on 20th February 2021   e-mail webmaster   (c)2020-2021

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