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Snowdon Sherpa Bus Timetables

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Gwynfor "S1"  "S2" and "S6" Sherpa services are just "2" for any single journey to or from Pen-y-Pass

If you intend to travel further into Snowdonia or travelling beyond Pen-y-Pass you are advised to purchase
a 5 Snowdon Sherpa Day Ticket
from the driver of your first Sherpa (valid on all "S1"  "S2"  "S4"  "S6" and "S97" Sherpas)
or a Red Rover if you want to travel all Round Snowdon

  B E W A R E ....................... !!!
Car Parking in Snowdonia is very limited and can be expensive if a space can be found

The alternative is to leave your car behind and use the
Snowdon Sherpa Bus network

Single (also return tickets for most journeys) are available on all Shrepa
services,  however..............

with the exception of a some VERY short journeys
it is much cheaper to take advantage of the various day "Rover" tickets
- these provide far more flexibility as walkers/tourists in Snowdonia can
"change the mind" or drop off at any point and join a later "Sherpa"
just purchase your ticket from the driver of your first bus
and ensure you are given the appropriate cover for it

At the bottom of each page is an index which includes "suggested" days out
by the Sherpas - each page advises the most appropriate (rover) ticket - in
many cases using the 5 "Snowdon Sherpa" day ticket
(note - this does NOT cover the direct northern link (service "88") between
Llanberis and Caernarfon as it is a commercial service operated by Arriva

If you want full flexibility, then obtain a "Red Rover" instead - see below


 6.80 for a "Red Rover" - this not only includes the direct link between Caernarfon and Llanberis enabling you to travel right round Snowdon
but it is also valid for travel to and from the "Sherpa network" from
anywhere in Gwynedd (as well as Anglesey and Llandudno)
including all the Cambrian Coast resorts as far south as Aberystwyth

ALL drivers of all bus companies can of course issue the "6.80 RED Rover Tickets"
(although some may need a little gentle persuasion !)

If you initially book on an Arriva or Llew Jones bus,  MAKE SURE
you do NOT simply ask for a "day" ticket or you may "accidentally" be sold a slightly cheaper "Arriva" (ONLY) day ticket or a "Llew Jones (ONLY) day ticket"
(these are both excellent tickets in their own right, BUT they are NOT VALID on
any other operators services - including ALL Snowdon Sherpa journeys

A "Red Rover" day ticket also has the advantage you can change your
travel plans as you go along and it also gives you the flexibitily
to return home later by a different route if required

If travelling from further afield the combined Zonal "North Wales Day Rover" (main-line rail and bus) will usually be your most economical travel ticket to and around Snowdonia
For the purpose of this ticket, North Wales is divided into several "zones" and you can select which ones you want to cover your planned day out........

click on map
to enlarge
2019 Prices   -   Two Zones - 13.80
or  Three Zones - 23.40  or  All Zones - 37.10

ZONES are.... A Isle of Anglesey,    C Conwy
D Denbighshire,    F Flintshire,
G Gwynedd (Arfon and Dwyfor areas),
M Gwynedd (Meirionnydd area),
W Wrexham & Chester,    X Ceredigion North
(* - a discount is available for a "railcard" holder)

  *** Look out for further special offers ***  
but note from time to time some special offers are either withdrawn completely
or suspended durning certain periods

ALL prices shown above are the latest advised to me - if you are aware of any changes please email me so the information can be updated for the benefit of other visitors to this website --- thank you

This "unofficial" website attempts to show what is still available
and to encourage greater use of the "Snowdon Sherpa network" includes some suggested
"trips round Snowdonia - without your car"

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Suggested Sherpa Trips
Click here for the latest news about the Sherpa services

Bangor - Snowdonia   (via Llanberis)
Barmouth - Snowdonia   (via Porthmadog)
Bethesda - Capel Curig - Betws-y-Coed
Bethesda - Capel Curig - Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed - Capel Curig - Bethesda
Betws-y-Coed - Pen-y-Pass - Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed - Llandudno   (connections)
Betws-y-Coed - Pen-y-Pass - Porthmadog
Caernarfon/Porthmadog - Beddgelert - Llanberis
Caernarfon - Beddgelert - Porthmadog
Caernarfon (WHRly) - Beddgelert - Llandudno
Caernarfon (WHRly) - Beddgelert - Porthmadog
Corwen - Llanrwst - Llandudno
Llanberis Pass   (Park and Ride)
Llanberis - Capel Curig - Bethesda
Llanberis - Pen-y-Pass - Betws-y-Coed
Llanberis - Beddgelert - Caernarfon/Porthmadog
Llandudno/Colwyn Bay - Betws-y-Coed   (connections)
Llandudno - Beddgelert - Caernarfon (WHRly)
Llandudno - Llanrwst - Corwen
Llandudno - Snowdonia (via Betws-y-Coed)
Porthmadog - Beddgelert - Caernarfon
Porthmadog - Beddgelert - Caernarfon (WHRly)
Porthmadog/Caernarfon - Beddgelert - Llanberis
Porthmadog - Pen-y-Pass - Betws-y-Coed
Pwllheli - Snowdonia   (via Porthmadog)
Snowdonia - Bangor (via Llanberis) 
Snowdonia - Barmouth   (via Porthmadog)
 Snowdonia - Llandudno (via Betws-y-Coed or Caernarfon) 
Snowdonia - Pwllheli   (via Porthmadog)
Climb Snowdon - with the Sherpas   (summary)
Ride Round Snowdon - with the Sherpas   (summary)

Suggested weekday trips from Barmouth
Suggested weekday trips from Beddgelert
Suggested Saturday trips from Bethesda
Suggested weekday trips from Betws-y-Coed
Suggested weekday trips from Caernarfon
Suggested weekday trips from Conwy
Suggested weekday trips from Corwen
Suggested weekday trips from Llanberis
Suggested weekday trips from Llandudno
Suggested weekday trips from Llanrwst
Suggested weekday trips from Porthmadog

Suggested Sunday trips from Barmouth
Suggested Sunday trips from Beddgelert
Suggested Sunday trips from Bethesda
Suggested Sunday trips from Betws-y-Coed
Suggested Sunday trips from Caernarfon
Suggested Sunday trips from Conwy
Suggested Sunday trips from Llanberis
Suggested Sunday trips from Llandudno
Suggested Sunday trips from Llanrwst
Suggested Sunday trips from Porthmadog
Suggested Sunday trips from Pwllheli

Suggested weekday trips from
Suggested Sunday trips from
North Wales Coast Railway stations
(via Betws-y-Coed)

Additional and updated pages are in the process of being prepared - please bookmark this page and keep returning for the very latest information available

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