Late June 2021
    Following weeks of traffic chaos in the Caernarfon area,  a TEMPORARY revised,  reduced level "88" weekday timetable is operating to try and improve timekeeping
    Passenegrs intending to connect with the Sherpa at Llanberis should familiarise themselves with the changes.....
.....Eastbound click here or here
.....Westbound click here or here

    There are some NEW "silly" zero minute connections at Llanberis which are NOT recognised as such by the TravelineCymru "Journey Planner"
    You are STRONGLY advised NOT TO RISK them,  but if you are lucky and manage to make one,  it will get you there much quicker - yet another example of "failed" Integrated Timetable Planning in Snowdonia !!!

Links to official websites
and contact details

Snowdon Sherpa Bus Timetables
This is an unofficial website
To contact the WEBMASTER please e-mail here
please also do so if you spot any error - so it can be quickly corrected for the benefit of other visitors to this website !
Whilst this website is kept fully up-to-date with all alterations advised to the webmaster
latest times should always be confirmed from official council sources, such as.......

(click on any logo to go to that website)
on the official

No printed copies

    Their website has been updated to show the revised Summer Sherpa timetables which commence on Saturday 27th April
    There is now a full summer "S2" service between Llanberis and Betws-y-Coed on both weekdays and Sundays
    In addition to the weekday "S4" and "S97" reverting to their former weekday daytime pattern,  extra late-afternoon weekday and limited Sunday journeys have also been added
    Many bus stop displays throughout the Gwynedd CC area have NOT been updated to reflect the latest position
    The "X19" timetable on their website is 'out of date' - having been replaced by a new "T19" service - the timings can be confirmed from the Llew Jones website

    The LAST "S4-S97" WEEKDAY journey from Pen-y-Pass back to Porthmadog now departs at 1635 #

.........the weekday 1345 "S97" departure from Porthmadog NOW fails to connect into the "S4" for Pen-y-Pass at Beddgelert *  (prior to March it was a through journey !!!)
..........the ONLY Sunday morning "S97" departure from Porthmadog departs EIGHT minutes * before the arrival of the first "3" service from Pwllheli

    * - all it needs is the 1345 "S97" ex-Porthmadog (along with the inward working) to run five minutes earlier and the 0835 Sunday "3" to run 15 minutes earlier (as it did before the contract was tranferred from Arriva to Caelloi)
    # - click here for alternative non-Sherpa options to returm later via Caernarfon
.........the last Sunday "88" journey from Llanberis back to Caernarfon departs at 1430
- also the 1730 "S2" journey from Betws-y-Coed now terminates at Llanberis - so if you miss the lunchtime departure, your only other option is to wait intil 1920 !!!!!

on the official

   Virtually ALL departure sheet displays throughout the County no longer shown the actual departure times
- they simply advise to to ring the helpline

    Their website has at last been updated to show the revised 2021 summer Sherpa service from Betws-y-Coed to Pen-y-Pass
(for the "S4" to Beddgelert) and Llanberis (for the "88" to Caernarfon) and return well as most other local connecting journeys

    (Until the end of May they were only showing the previous limited winter "S2" Sherpa service and some connections still showed the old 2018 times !!!)
    Whilst the outward Llew Jones "19" and "T19" connections into the Gwynfor "S2" Sherpa journeys and now generally quite good.....
.....on return there are some really "silly" sub-standard connections (only three minutes) at 1045 and 1715 (which do not always wait if the Sherpa is not 'spot on time')
    Also passengers off the last return Sherpa are now forced to wait much longer at Betws-y-Coed * on weekdays (compared with 2020) JUST AT THE TIME PEOPLE WANT TO RETURN HOME !!!

    * - all it needs is for the Council (who are "SUPPOSED" to ensure 'integration' between the different opertators) to INSIST the 1940 "19" journey (which they have subsidised for years) departs at 1910 (immediately on arrival of the new inward working and the driver takes his break at Llandudno instead) !
    Also to ensure the new 1045 and 1715 "T19" journeys depart Betws-y-Coed a minimum of TWO minutes later - so they 'at least' appear on the TravelineCymru "Journey Planner"
alternatively try 

No printed copies 

0800 464 00 00
(between 0700
and 2000 only)

    Their "Journey Planner" requires minimum of five minutes for a connection at any location - this also applies when there is a 'through journey' - often the case at Beddgelert where the Sherpa route number changes

    - eg ["S4"-"S97"] or ["S97"-"S4"]
    A similar situation applies on the altertnative later evening ["5C"-"5"] journeys from Caernarfon to Llandudno via Bangor
    Unfotunately in these cases they automatically advise you to travel an earlier journey and to hang around - sometimes for hours - for the next one !!! (althouigh "some" - but not all - options have since been manually updated)
    This website is the only one which gives an appropriate note on the individual timetable pages to show when to remain on the Sherpa to get to your destination quicker

   "the" official public transport website
The following has appeared on the TravelineCymru website.......
    " Unfortunately will not be able to update our Journey Planner and Timetables with service changes in effect during the 2 week circuit breaker lockdown (23/10/2020 until 9/11/2020)
Please check our Coronavirus page to see how services will be operating during this time

    REMEMBER - even before lock down (unlike those for South Wales)  most timetables for the greater Snowdonia area (and in consequence their "Journey Planner") were not UP-TO-DATE,  so don't rely on them for the period immediately after either !!!!!!

   Make sure you also double check their 'Coronavirus Transport Service Updates' page for their latest information

or the official 

Unlike several other
operators in the area,
they do not produce
any printed copies

    Gwynfor have removed all timetables from their website - instead it now gives a "link" to the Gwynedd CC website for their latest 'official' information
    Gwynfor are now operating their full summer timetables for Sherpa services "S1" "S2" "S4" "S6" and "S97"
    On the positive side, limited Sunday "S97" and "S4" journeys have been reinstated after being SUSPENDED throughout the whole of 2020,  BUT BEWARE,  the 1730 "S2" journey from Betws-y-Coed now terminates at Llanberis $$ on both weekdays and Sundays creating a much wider gap between services JUST AT THE TIME WALKERS FROM SNOWDON WANT TO RETURN TO CAERNARFON !!!

    $$ - as a result of the TEMPORARY changes to the "88" - the last westbound "88" WEEKDAY journey to Caernarfon has been retarded to 1815 (this providing a connection by default in the short term)
    BEWARE - there is no quarentee this will not revert to its earlier earlier departure at short notice when the temporaty "88" changes are lifted - ring Gwynfor for confirmation of the latest position

01248 722 694

    Remember a TEMPORARY weekday connecting "88" tinmtable is NOW in operation ----- make sure you check your REVISED connecting times from/to Caernarfon BEFORE YOU SET OUT

    This company has again "split" their previously through journeys between Porthmadog and Pen-y-Pass into "S97" between Porthmadog and Beddgelert where passengers now have to change buses into the "S4" to carry on from Beddgelert to Pen-y-Pass
    BEWARE - whilst in most cases there is a reasonable connection time,  there is a "silly" situation during the early-afternoon where there is only one minute off the 1345 "S97" journey from Porthmadog which being less than five minutes means it does NOT appear as a connection on the TravelineCymru "Journey Planner".........

Some 'day-to-day' information can be found here 

or the official 

    The former Arriva Wales booklets for the North Wales and Cambrian Coasts have simply been reprinted with a new cover
    To find a "Transport for Wales" journey you must look for a train still showing AW (for Arriva Wales  !)
    - surprisingly this is still the case with the revised timetables !!!
    Alternatively use their own 'journey planner' to confirm times providing you already know when and where you want to go !!!

  train website
    All local train services throughout Wales are currently operated
by "Transport for Wales"
    - this includes the connecting Conwy Valley line and
the Cambrian Coast line
    In addition,  a limited number of InterCity services between
North Wales and London continue to be operated by Avanti

    Initially There were are no major changes to the times previously advertised to commence in December 2019
    However to give the 'appearance' of "speeding up" the trains along the North Wales Coast,  several journeys have had important intermediate stops removed - much to the annoyance of the locals who previously used them
.......... an "own goal" is probably the politest way to describe what they have done !!!!!

    In consequence most connections between the North Wales Resort stations and the Conwy Valley Line (and v.v.) have increased CONSIDERABLY - clearly no-one at the Cardiff  HQ 'appears' to care about this totally unnecessary inconvenience

or the official 

printed copies of their Conwy Valley services are sometimes available on the buses
(during the summer)

01492 640 320

    Their website has been updated to shown their REVISED weekday and Sunday timetables for their "X19"
(now rebranded "T19" as part of the "TrawaCymru network") along the east side of the Conwy Valley (not that these make any better connections at Blaenau Ffestiniog !!!!)
also their "19" journeys along the west side
(which includes re-instatement of the late evening journeys)..........
..........from Saturday 29th May 2021
    BEWARE - whilst "outward" journeys from Llandudno generally have good Sherpa connections,  on return there are some "silly" sub-standard connections (only three minutes) at 1045 and 1715 (which do not always wait if the Sherpa is not 'spot on time')
    Also passengers off the last return Sherpa are now forced to wait much longer * at Betws-y-Coed on weekdays  (compared with 2020)  JUST WHEN PEOPLE WANT TO RETURN HOME !!!
* - all it needs is for the 1940 "19" journey to depart 1910 (immediately on arrival of the new inward working and the driver to take his break at Llandudno instead) as was the case last year !


    This company operates the weekday and Sunday "19" and "T19" connecting journeys along the Conwy Valley from and back to Llandudno

    In addition they operate the Sunday "link" between Blaenau Ffestiniog and Porthmadog - an 'alternative' to the now VERY LIMITED Sunday Sherpa "S4" and S97" journeys via Beddgelert
    Prior to the Coronavirus restrictions,  they also operated the very limited NORTHBOUND ONLY "6B" service along the Ogwen Valley between Capel Curig and Ogwen Cottage (for Tryfan),  but this is yet to be re-instated..........
    Unlike most other local bus operators in the North Wales area,  with less than 48 hours to go,  they amended both their "19" and "T19" services along the Conwy Valley - make sure you check the latest information on their website - especially if you are planning a day trip to/from Snowdonia
    NOTE SPECIALLY the long standing afternoon Sherpa connection from Llandudno now departs 30 minutes EARLIER at 1150

    Ironically in most cases,  BETTER connections with the "S2" Sherpa at Betws-y-Coed can NOW be made using the Conwy Valley Railway train journeys - especially on return

Some 'day-to-day' information can also be found here 


 new link - with extra information

  Click on map to enlarge

    A new weekdays only Demand Response - "flexi service" operated by Alpine Travel has been introduced (from 9th November) in the 'greater' Llanrwst-Betws-y-Coed are  ( se map on the left for details)

    On Tuesdays,  Fridays and Saturdays it will also extend as far as Corwen on request

    Remember you MUST prebook through "flecsi" stating when and where you want to travel - if you plan to connect into
or out of a Sherpa (or any other bus/train) journey,  make sure you clearly say so when you "book"

    This is particularly important if you want to use it to "link" between a Conwy Valley "19" journey and a Sherpa" where Llew Jones no longer provides a timetabled journey between Llanrwst and Betws-y-Coed

or the official 

printed copies sometimes
available on the bus immediately
after any major change

    This company previously operated the Sunday "S97" Sherpas

  but now only operate some connecting journeys in Snowdonia

    They have now withdrawn their former connecting
"88" Sunday service between Caernarfon and Llanberis also their "85" weekday and Sunday services between Bangor and Llanberis

    A reduced version of these services are now operated by Dilwyns and Gwynfor respectively
    They do provide useful alternative evening service from Caernarfon back to Llandudno (via Bangor) for anyone returning after the last Sherpa via Betws-y-Coed
    You can check the "real time" position of any Arriva connecting bus here
- remember to "zoom in" to the North Wales area first !

or the official 

No printed copies

The company has taken over the the
"3B" connecting service between
Blaenau Ffestiniog and Porthmadog

    This company operates connecting journeys from Caernarfon,  Barmouth,  Harlech,  Dolgellau and Blaenau Ffestiniog also the local journeys from Morfa Bychan
    Unfortunately they still INSIST on their ONLY mid-morning "35" journey to Dolgellau from Blaenau Ffestiniog departing at 1130 - JUST AS or sloghtly BEFORE the ONLY mid-morning Conwy Valley Line train arrives !!!
    On behalf of visitors to this website,  your webmaster did ask them to consider re-timing the bus slightly later,   but a somewhat "unhelpful" reply from their Bethan Jones completely avoided answering the point

  Some day-to-day information can now also be found here

or the official 

01248 600 098

    Their website is currently "under construction"
    IGNORE their "timetables" link which currently
goes to an OUT OF DATE external website

which also erroneously "suggests" they operate weekday "88" journeys
    They have made major short term changes to the times of some connecting journeys as a result of the post-Coronavirus restrictions
    IN PARTICULAR BEWARE - their last Sunday "88" journeys have been ADVANCED to 1430 from Llanberis * and 1600 from Caernarfon
    * - there WERE later "S2" Sunday westbound (only) journeys operated by Gwynfor departing Llanberis at 1810 and 1910 (summer only),  but from Easter 2021 the 1730 "S2 Sherpa from Betws-y-Coed terminates at Llanberis at 1810.......... here to see what is left
  Some day-to-day information can now also be found here

or the official 

No printed copies 

  although this company no longer operates Sunday connecting timetabled services from Blaenau Ffestiniog and Caernarfon - it still operates the weekday local service in Blaenau Ffestiniog


their former website is no longer

  although this company no longer operates connecting
timetabled services from Caernarfon
- it still operates private hire coaches and school buses in the area

  Some day-to-day information can now also be found here

yet another official
website giving
incorrect information !
  the links on this website are all out of date
  in addition the "S6" Sherpa no longer serves Bangor or Betws-y-Coed

.....but do check ANY of the above official websites have been fully updated,
as some are considerably old and (at least partially) out-of-date !!!!
Known errors in official publications are included above
(these 'warning' are there to try to help avoid you being "caught out")

Please remember all official publications were only correct at the time
of going to press, so make sure you also have any relevant amendment leaflets/notices
which may appear as the season progresses

[ If I am advised of any, this website WILL be updated accordingly ]

If you come across any changes not reflected here or you spot any error (or find any broken link)
please e-mail the webmaster so it can be corrected for the benefit of other visitors to this website - thank you !

This website attempts to show what services are currently available
along with those planned for future periods as soon as the information has been announced

In particular it highlights known errors in official publications
in order the help avoid visitors being "caught out" !

It contains composite timetables of connecting services on a cross-Snowdonia route basis
including where a change of bus is necessary --- hopefully it will help you plan your days out

It also includes details of some suggested "trips round Snowdonia - without your car"
including the ability to stop-off en-route - sometimes at more than one location
- then join a later service to continue your trip out
These are shown from both locations within Snowdonia itself
as well as some of which commence on the North Wales and Cambrian Coast resorts
using connecting buses or trains (thus enabling you to leave the car behind and avoid paying any car parking fees !!!)

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    News Page    



Suggested Sherpa Trips
Click here for the latest news about the Sherpa services

Bangor - Snowdonia  (via Llanberis)
Barmouth - Snowdonia  (via Porthmadog)
Bethesda - Capel Curig - Betws-y-Coed
Bethesda - Capel Curig - Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed - Capel Curig - Bethesda
Betws-y-Coed - Pen-y-Pass - Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed - Llandudno  (connections)
Betws-y-Coed - Pen-y-Pass - Porthmadog
Caernarfon/Porthmadog - Beddgelert - Llanberis
Caernarfon - Beddgelert - Porthmadog
Caernarfon (WHRly) - Beddgelert - Llandudno
Caernarfon (WHRly) - Beddgelert - Porthmadog
Llanberis Pass --- Park and Ride
Llanberis - Capel Curig - Bethesda
Llanberis - Pen-y-Pass - Betws-y-Coed
Llanberis - Beddgelert - Caernarfon/Porthmadog
Llandudno/Colwyn Bay - Betws-y-Coed  (connections)
Llandudno - Beddgelert - Caernarfon (WHRly)
Llandudno - Snowdonia  (via Betws-y-Coed)
Porthmadog - Beddgelert - Caernarfon
Porthmadog - Beddgelert - Caernarfon (WHRly)
Porthmadog/Caernarfon - Beddgelert - Llanberis
Porthmadog - Pen-y-Pass - Betws-y-Coed
Pwllheli - Snowdonia  (via Porthmadog)
Snowdonia - Bangor  (via Llanberis) 
Snowdonia - Barmouth  (via Porthmadog)
 Snowdonia - Llandudno  (via Betws-y-Coed or Caernarfon) 
Snowdonia - Pwllheli  (via Porthmadog)
Climb Snowdon - with the Sherpas   (summary)
Ride Round Snowdon - with the Sherpas   (summary)

Suggested weekday trips from Barmouth
Suggested weekday trips from Beddgelert
Suggested Saturday trips from Bethesda
Suggested weekday trips from Betws-y-Coed
Suggested weekday trips from Caernarfon
Suggested weekday trips from Conwy
Suggested weekday trips from Llanberis
Suggested weekday trips from Llandudno
Suggested weekday trips from Llanrwst
Suggested weekday trips from Porthmadog

Suggested Sunday trips from Barmouth
Suggested Sunday trips from Beddgelert
Suggested Sunday trips from Bethesda
Suggested Sunday trips from Betws-y-Coed
Suggested Sunday trips from Caernarfon
Suggested Sunday trips from Conwy
Suggested Sunday trips from Llanberis
Suggested Sunday trips from Llandudno
Suggested Sunday trips from Llanrwst
Suggested Sunday trips from Porthmadog

Suggested weekday trips from
Suggested Sunday trips from
North Wales Coast Railway stations
(via Betws-y-Coed)

Later non-Sherpa weekday journeys from......
Beddgelert area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Pen-y-Pass area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Porthmadog area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Beddgelert area to Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed area to Llanberis
Porthmadog area to Llanberis
Llanberis area to Caernarfon
Llanberis area to Porthmadog area
Later non-Sherpa Sunday journeys from......
Beddgelert area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Pen-y-Pass area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Porthmadog area to Llandudno/Conwy Valley
Beddgelert area to Llanberis
Betws-y-Coed area to Llanberis
Porthmadog area to Llanberis
Llanberis area to Caernarfon
Llanberis area to Porthmadog area
Additional and updated pages are in the process of being prepared - please bookmark this page and keep returning for the very latest information available

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